Gringo Outsider Espresso, 500 g

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Rostad 23/1

The Outsider is rebellion, punk-infinite-indie-attitude & contra­diction, but also tradition, family, past, present & future. She holds more body than a city morgue and is smoother that an indian Sari.

​This is the best Italian styled Espresso that Gringo could put together. The small adding of some fine robusta gives the espresso an extra punch and adds a subtle touch of a dry cocoa bitterness that is so irresistible together with milk. The ingredients will, as in all Gringo's blends, change with the season, even though they will try to maintain a consistent style – milk-friendly, creamy & with a bitterness that adds to the flavours, rather than being distinct. The Outsider hides no bitter truths and Gringo have only roasted organic beans from the best organic farms and cooperatives that they could find.



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