Colombia Sandra Milena, 250 gr

Rostad av da Matteo 8/5.


Taste profile: Creamy and sweet with notes of red berries and marzipan
Process method: Washed
Arabica variety: Caturra
Harvested: December 2016
Altitude: 1750 meters above sea level

The farm El Porvenir is run by Sandra Milena Mora and her family - but the second boss here is Mother Nature. No fertilizers or fungicides are used and coffee is only grown on five of the farms 12 hectares of land. Sandra has chosen to leave the rest of the land untouched for the nature to take care of itself. She is convinced that this makes the soil that is actually used for growing coffee stay more healthy thanks to the rich life of other plants and birds that surround the farm. After our visit to the farm last year we wouldn’t dream of questioning her philosophy, especially not after having tasted the coffee, which turned out to be one of the best coffees we tried during our stay in Colombia this winter.

Bönor 250 gr. Om malning önskas ange gärna bryggmetod!

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