El Avion - Nicaragua 350g

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Rostad 4/9 av kafferostare Per Nordby.

Round & balanced, almond, macadamia, molasses

COUNTRY Ethiopia  REGION mozonte, Nueva Segovia  VARIETY Caturra & Catuai  PROCESS Washed  ALTITUDE 1300 - 1550 masl  PRODUCER Mario Gonzales

"Mario Gonzales is new to speciallity coffee. Actually, he is new to coffee. Coffee shrubs on El Avión are only 6 years old, planted by his own father. Just like most coffee farmers, Mario started of in commodity coffee. But as prices fell below production costs he started to look into speciality to find a market that could pay enough to make the job at the farm count. This is the first year El Avion sell coffee directly, so transformation to speciality has just started. Located in Mozonte at up to 1550 meters altitude, coffee has great taste potential for complexity and sweetness.




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