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HEM / KAFFE / Lykke Can Clayton Barossa Yellow Catuai, 200 g

Ninho da Aguía is famous for its fields of yellow Catuai. The golden coffee cherries dry on retired surf boards, as a reminder of the times when Clayton surfed the seven seas. Enviously, the neighbors sneak around trying to catch a glimpse of the cherries as they soak in the setting sunlight. Today we’re happy to have Clayton surfing with Lykke, producing magic coffees.   

Origin: Brazil, Alto Caparaó
Producer: Clayton Barossa Monteiro
Farm: Fazenda Ninho da Aguía
Altitude: 1400 masl
Variety: Yellow Catuai
Process: Cherry-dried on raised beds for 20 days 

Flavor profile: Sticky sugar, red apple, nougat 

Number of cans produced: 720

Rostningsdatum 2022-10-04
EAN 7350113870674

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